Hempel Foundation

The Hempel Foundation is a commercial foundation, and the owner of the Hempel Group. Our primary purpose is to provide and maintain a solid economic base for the Hempel Group. Hempel A/S is not listed on the stock exchange, and accordingly has no easy way to raise new capital. The Hempel Foundation therefore has to accumulate a certain level of capital as required to provide maximum assurance that at all times we will be able to place the Hempel Group's operation and expansion on a sound commercial and economic footing. We must also be able to provide financial guarantees required by Hempel A/S in order to undertake major investments and acquisitions for the Group's ongoing growth and long-term success.  

The Foundation's secondary purpose is a social and charitable one: to provide assistance for cultural, social, humanitarian, scientific and artistic purposes, with a special focus on education for children in need and research in environmentally sustainable technologies in the coating industry.