Corporate social responsibility

The Hempel Foundation and Hempel Group are well aware of their responsibility beyond generating positive financial returns. Corporate social responsibility thus forms an integral part of the values and business approach of both the Hempel Foundation and the Hempel Group. Two specific concerns have been placed at the top of the Hempel CSR agenda: the challenge of poverty over much of our planet, and environmental challenges.

In its role as the owner of a global business operation - the Hempel Group - and as a foundation supporting the common good, the Hempel Foundation is committed to playing an active part in meeting these challenges. This is reflected in the Foundation's focus on the Hempel Group's CSR activities and the Foundation's donation allocation policy.  

The CSR activities of Hempel A/S may be categorised into six separate areas:

  • Ethics
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Procurement
  • Our people
  • Community engagement

A set of overall policies have been developed in each of these areas ‑ for example, all Hempel employees are subject to a common Code of Conduct setting out governing principles for Hempel's business activities. For further information, see the annual report of the Hempel A/S Group.

The Board of Directors of Hempel A/S also has a clear focus on increasing the proportion of women in management roles within the Group, by signing up for the "Operation Chain Reaction" initiative.

The Hempel Foundation has decided to concentrate most of its donations on two specific priorities:

  • Education for children in need
  • Research on environmentally sustainable surface protection technologies.

We believe that education lays the foundation for development, and is the most effective weapon in the struggle against poverty. By supporting children's education, the Foundation is making a small but active contribution to solving the world's poverty problems. Educational assistance for children in need is provided both in countries where the Hempel Group has business operations and countries and regions where this is not the case.

There is also no doubt of the growing importance of environmentally sustainable technologies. Accordingly the Hempel Foundation provides support for the development of sustainable technologies, primarily by funding selected international elite students' Master's and PhD study programmes in industrial chemistry, with a special focus on coating technology, and an innovation laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).