Hempel’s Cultural Foundation

Hempel’s Cultural Foundation was established by Hempel founder J.C. Hempel in 1964.

The activities of Hempel’s Cultural Foundation consist mainly of the ownership and operation of the Hempel Glass Museum and awarding the Hempel Glass Prize.

J. C. Hempel was an avid antique glass collector, and over the years built up one of Europe's finest glass collections. This collection is now on display at the Hempel Glass Museum in Nykøbing, Zealand. The museum was established by J.C. Hempel in 1965, and is owned by Hempel’s Cultural Foundation. The displays also include many outstanding examples of porcelain and stoneware from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Every year since 1988 Hempel’s Cultural Foundation has awarded the Hempel Glass Prize in recognition of the achievements of a young promising glass artist. Prize-winners are invited to display a selection of their works in the museum, which are in some cases then purchased by the museum to add to its collection.

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