Our history

In July 1915, 21-year old Jørgen Christian (J.C.) Hempel became Denmark's youngest registered merchant, by establishing J.C. Hempel’s Marine Paint Factory (J.C. Hempel's Skibsfarve-Fabrik), which later became the Hempel Group. As the basis for the future viability and success of the Hempel Group and its member companies, in 1948 J.C. Hempel transferred all his shares into the Hempel Foundation, which remains the sole shareholder of the Hempel Group to this day.

But J.C.  Hempel was much more than a skilled entrepreneur - he was also widely regarded as a visionary thinker. As well as founding the Hempel Foundation, he was one of Denmark's first company owners to offer benefits to his staff. He felt a strong sense of commitment to his workers, and was genuinely concerned to provide a favourable working environment for the people in his company.

J.C. Hempel valued his employees and always remembered to congratulate them on their achievements, anniversaries and other milestones in their lives. He firmly believed in the value of creating a positive team spirit within the business.

That same spirit remains characteristic of the Hempel Foundation today. J.C.  Hempel died in 1986, but the Hempel Foundation remains imbued with his philosophy and attitudes.