Donation strategy

Once the Hempel Foundation has met its primary purpose by allocating funds to secure and strengthen the economic base for the Hempel Group, some of the remaining liquid funds are allocated to cultural, social, humanitarian, scientific and artistic purposes.

The Hempel Foundation has opted to focus particularly on the education of children in need and research in environmentally sustainable technologies within the coating industry.

Some of our donations for the education of children in need are given to projects in countries where Hempel has business operations. There is an increasing imperative for businesses to support social responsibility in their local operating environment, and such projects are created for this purpose. They also give Hempel employees the chance to become involved and carry out voluntary work in their local communities.

Other donations for this purpose are allocated to projects in the world's poorest countries, even if Hempel has no business involvement there. This enables us to tackle poverty at its most severe, on the basis of Hempel's commitment to accept our global responsibility as an international business.

The Foundation's support for research in environmentally sustainable technologies within the coating industry is mainly targeted at the international research environment and internationally-focused Elite Master's Programme at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The Board of Trustees can allocate the Foundation's surplus funds even without a specific application for support.

The total annual amount granted is decided by the Board in accordance with the Foundation's trust deed. There is no obligation to pay out the entire available amount each year; the Board may decide that the excess is to be carried over to the following year, or transferred to the Foundation's equity. Over recent years the Foundation has progressively increased its donations to purposes for the common good.

The applications received are considered at Grants Committee meetings. The committee meets four times a year.

In 2016 the Hempel Foundation donated a total of approximately EUR 16 million.