Education of children in need

More than 72 million children in the world today do not attend school at all, and 350 million receive only poor quality instruction. Accordingly we decided that the Hempel Foundation would actively support children's education, to enable them to build a better future.

Support for proper primary education for girls in Rajasthan, India

Funding the day-to-day operation of 22 schools for girls excluded from general school education

Supporting bilingual education for indigenous children in Bolivia

The project trains bilingual teachers so that the pupils can communicate with their teachers in their local language

Supporting education programme for unemployed youth in Rio de Janeiro

Unemployed young people are taught the necessary skills to find employment or pursue an education

Improving children's reading and writing skills in San Juan, Argentina

Additional training for teachers and an extensive library for the children at a school in San Juan

Helping under privileged children get a proper primary school education in South Africa

We support North Riding School in Johannesburg by paying costs that the parents cannot afford

Improving reading and writing skills in Uganda

This programme is aiming to boost reading skills at primary school level for 300 children

Supporting the construction of eight satellite schools in Ghana

The project also comprises training of teachers and school board members to achieve the optimum situation in the schools

Supporting five migrant schools in Shanghai, China

The five migrant schools are given the resources needed to improve their quality of education

Supporting life skills training in Xinjiang, China

In partnership with the EU and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs we assist 15,000 at-risk children

Supporting orphans in Chengdu, China

We have continued our support for the SOS Children's Village since the earthquake disaster in 2008

Supporting new school in Cambodia

This initiative includes funding for the daily running costs of the school, along with 200 scholarships a year

Improving the quality of education at primary schools in Nashik, India

A support programme for 22 local government schools in the Sinnar block of Nashik

Teaching reading and writing skills in West Timor, Indonesia

The project works with 15 primary schools in the rural area of Kupang district

Providing education for out-of-school children in Ethiopia

The project focuses on 1000 children who have dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out of school

Building pre-schools and providing high quality education in Sierra Leone

The project will upgrade the level of 5 primary schools and build 5 pre-schools

Renovation of schools and training of teachers in Somaliland

The project will renovate four run-down primary schools and provide them with new teaching and learning materials

Quality education for indigenous children in Peru

Developing a relevant intercultural bilingual education that takes its point of departure in their life circumstances.

Improving educational conditions in Argentina

Our goal is to improve primary school children’s reading and writing skills.

Improve quality education and equal access to primary schools for all children in Iringa, Tanzania

The project will improve retention rates through targeted efforts that will improve learning for all children.

Quality Basic Education in Yunnan, China

This project aims to help the poor and ethnic minority children.

Quality pre-learning and primary education for the “hardest-to-reach” children in Vietnam

Provision of quality inclusive pre-primary and primary education to children from three to ten years