Improving children's reading and writing skills in San Juan, Argentina

Additional training for teachers and an extensive library for the children at a school in San Juan

Even though 98 percent of children in Argentina attend school, the quality of tuition is declining in many schools. So are the children's reading and writing levels, particularly in the poorer districts, and many children are unable to understand what they read or to express themselves clearly in writing. Many drop out of school, continuing the spiral of poverty. The local non-profit organisation Fundación Leer operates throughout Argentina to give children access to books, so that they will learn to read and understand the value of the skill of reading. The Hempel Foundation works with Fundación Leer to support a local school at Calingasta in the province of San Juan. This initiative comprises an annual additional training programme for teachers to improve the quality of instruction in reading and writing. Fundación Leer has also set up an extensive library to provide the children with a free source of books and reading games so that they can practise reading and get their parents involved in developing their reading skills.