Research in environmentally sustainable technologies

The Hempel Foundation funds research in environmentally sustainable technologies within the coating industry, as well as contributing to the training of future engineers and researchers in this field. Our projects are therefore focused on three distinct levels:

  • Ensuring that all chemical engineering students at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have access to an innovation laboratory for testing their own original ideas (the Hempel Student Innovation Laboratory).
  • Providing support for an internationally-oriented industrial Elite Master's Programme. Donations made by the Hempel Foundation are focused mainly on coating technologies, but also support the development of a high quality study environment in general for students from around the world. In this context the Foundation aims to help make Denmark an attractive destination for top students of all nationalities.
  • Supporting an international standard research environment for advanced surface protection technologies by facilitating PhD study programmes in this field. This reflects a commitment to ensure high quality training for the next generation of researchers, and simultaneously to support the development of economically viable and sustainable solutions that as well as benefiting the coating industry, will also achieve progress towards energy and resource conservation, lower emissions and safer work and living environments.

The Hempel Student Innovation Laboratory

One of the major challenges in today's world is to find solutions that benefit the environment and also make good commercial sense.

Honors Programme Industrial Track

The Hempel Foundation provides support for the international industry-focused Master's Programme in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

CoaST - The Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Centre.

The Hempel Foundation has been involved since 2000 in creating an international research environment at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).